Kuusamo LOGsystem

Kuusamo LOGsystem

Kuusamo LOGsystem

Houses of massive planed logs, laminated logs and round logs

The most traditional feature of a log building are the corner joints. We, Kuusamo Log Houses, have many different systems of joints and corners at our disposal when designing a log building, such as cross corner, short cross corner and sheered corner.

Our technology allows us to design bespoke houses suited to the needs of each individual client. All our models can be built to incorporate almost any angle. The versatility of the logs as a building material facilitates modern architecture and design.

If you like the idea of designing or building your log home, there are two types of profile to choose from, a round or rectangular profiled log (also called level or square). Both profiles are also available as a solid log or a laminated log. The choice of one or the other will determine the look of your home, but not its functionality.       

They are structurally very similar and have the same thermo-acoustic properties. They also provide the originality and authenticity of the log construction method and satisfy the environmental regulations of the European Union.                    


Log buildings and timber construction

Log buildings have traditionally been built using corner joints. Modern log construction allows us to build a very compact building using what are known as short corners, where the timber of the building envelopes the corners.

We can also carry out cross corner joints, sheered corner joints or short cross corner joints on your building. Our sales team can help you choose suitable corner joints for your building.

LH 230x220 – cross corner joint

MPH 230 – cross corner joint

LHP 202x220 – short cross corner joint

LHM 230x220 – sheered corner joint

LHP 95x195 with ecological insulation wall


Log alternatives

The purpose of the building as well as your own personal preference will determine which of the logs below is the most suitable for your project.

We recommend our 202 mm or larger laminated log for single-family homes and year-round holiday homes. You can find five different options for the 202 mm laminated log alone: The 220 mm high laminated log is available in the traditional (LHP) or modern (LHM) profile in both tree species, pine (P) or spruce (S). If you are looking for a more impressive option, the 280 mm high LHM log manufactured from spruce is your selection! For more traditional look we offer our Kuusamo Traditional Massive Log (MHH) 220x230 mm.

For saunas, outbuildings, garages and small summer cottages the 95/120 mm planed logs or 95 mm laminated logs are cost effective and efficient alternatives.

Larger cottages and villas which are used occasionally through the year suit the intermediate sized logs: for example 120/145 mm massive planed log and 135 mm laminated log or 170mm round log. Larger buildings used in the winter (very cold climate areas) or heated throughout the year require the largest of our Kuusamo round logs or laminated log 180 mm. For second-homes you need the same size logs as you would for a normal home.

Kuusamo representatives will help you choose the most suitable type of log for your building.

Modern Laminated logs

LHM 202x220 P/S

LHM 230x220 P/S

LHM 275x220 P

LHM 202x280 S

Traditional Laminated Logs

LHP 95x195 P/S

LHP 135x195 P/S

LHP 180x195 P/S

LHP 202x220 P/S

Massive Planed Logs

MHH 95x170 P

MHH 120x170 P

MHH 145x170 P

MHH 220x230 P

Massive Round Logs

MPH 170 P

MPH 230 P

P = pine       S = spruce