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The Construction at Ukonniemi to Start


Kuusamo Log Houses Delivers the Log Hotel This Winter

The joint project of Kuusamo Log Houses, Pölkky Oy and Imatra city to develop the Kohokangas - Ukonniemi area is beginning to materialize as Kuusamo Log Houses will be delivering the first buildings to the area in the winter 2013. The first log hotel to be built in the area has received its building permit, and the trucks has started the deliveries from Kuusamo to Imatra for the over 1300 square meter hotel building. The following buildings will be two- or four-room vacation homes, ten of which have been planned in the area.

In total, the three-phase Kohokangas - Ukonniemi area will comprise an approximately 40,000 square meter vacation home centre.

The main focus in the construction process will be on the ecological nature of the buildings. The frames of all the buildings to be constructed in the area will be made of massive laminated timber. The area is developing into one of the most significant vacation centres in Northern Europe.