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The 2014 Holiday Housing Fair at Kalajoki


Kuusamo’s Nuuna log summer house at a beachfront property

The 2014 Holiday Housing Fair is held at Kalajoki from 23rd June till 6th July 2014. The fair takes place in a maritime environment, in the immediate vicinity of Kalajoki/Hiekkasärkät area.

At Kalajoki, we are proud to present the Nuuna holiday house, where the sauna has been positioned in the front right corner of the building, only 10 m distance to go for a swim! While we’re at the sunny beaches of Kalajoki, we also emphasised outdoor living in addition to going to the sauna and bathing: the terrace area is 120 m2.

The shape of the base of the building and the large windows pointing towards various directions open the landscape up to the greatest extent, to be admired by the inhabitants of the summer house.

For windy days, we will add a conservatory to the front of the building, as a place for dining and for enjoying a cup of coffee. The roasting effect of a midsummer sun is softened by strong log walls, as well as the “ground cooling”, which reaches the object from a nearby geothermal well.