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Kuusamo Log Houses invests in a new production line


The strong and stable development exhibited by Kuusamo Log Houses continued last year

The strong and stable development exhibited by Kuusamo Log Houses continued last year. Turnover expanded to 15 million euros, and sales developed in an exceptionally positive way. Due to the favourable sales development, the current year has begun with a lot of activity, promising significant growth in turnover.

Kuusamo Log Houses responds to the strongly growing sales and turnover by investing in the building of a new production line featuring the latest technology, into expanding the production facilities required by the new line, and into facilities needed for raw material storage. The investments will amount to a total of approximately two million euros. Kuusamo Log Houses wants to remain at the forefront of quality, utilising top-quality Nordic wood raw materials in the log construction industry. The new production line will significantly increase production efficiency and support the introduction of new planned products, both at home and on the export market. The investments will be made at the log home building facility in Kuusamo during 2019 and 2020. The investments are expected to further improve the company’s competitiveness, create new jobs, and enable the growth of turnover.

”The investments support our chosen strategy and consolidate our operational capabilities on a growing market. Detached houses have become our primary sales item which requires ever more versatile special machining techniques, which will receive added capacities with the new production line. The sales record broken last year and the currently full order book reinforce our faith in thinking that we are operating with the right product at the right time, and that log construction will keep growing in the future”, comments Managing Director Arto Orjasniemi.

The ecological aspects and healthy indoor air of log houses, verified by studies, have become important criteria when selecting a house package. In the future, log construction will have to deliver even quicker construction solutions and more modern looks. To this end, modern log profiles have been developed. The issues mentioned above have increased the popularity of log homes even in city zones.