Strong Wood - Scots Pine

Strong Wood - Scots Pine

Genuine northern wood

Our raw material is machined from Scots Pine. This type of pine grows in the northern latitudes and its quality is determined by slow growth which is determined by the harsh climatic conditions and ideal soil types. Our raw material comes from well managed, sustainable forests in northern Finland. On the adjacent map you can see the area from which we harvest our wood, extending on both sides of the Arctic Circle.

Main features: Small knots, very tight ring formation, high tensile strength and low moisture.

This makes the wood naturally darker and is often referred to as redwood.

Log builders appreciate our Scots Pine wood, because of the exceptionally high density at the core, which makes durable, rot-proof timber. We use this same wood for our roof beams and for a large proportion of our wall and roof panels.

Our timber is supplied by our partner company, Pölkky Ltd. Pölkky was the first Finnish wood processing company to be awarded the PEFC certification as proof that their wood is only sourced from certified forests and that the origin of the wood can always be demonstrated.