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Log buildings from Finnish Lapland

Kuusamo Log Houses has its roots in Kuusamo, Northern Finland, near the Arctic Circle , where the brothers Simo and Arto Orjasniemi began house building and manufacturing in the early 1990's. Arto designed and sold the buildings whilst older brother Simo worked mostly at the lathe. These entrepreneurs understood what work really means: during the high season in the early summer, the company had a total of four employees working two at a time in shifts of six hours on, six hours off around the clock.

The brother's affordable, high quality buildings sold well and demand continued to increase. In the second half of the 1990's the Orjasniemi brothers joined forces with two other brothers from Kuusamo, Jouko and Antti Virranniemi, the majority owners of the large north-eastern sawmill, Pölkky Ltd.

Together these two family companies formed the Kuusamo Log Houses Ltd, which became operational in early 1998.

The Finnish success story

Since its inception, Kuusamo Log Houses has been a success story. From a small, local operator, it has developed into one of Finland’s largest and most prestigious log house manufacturers. Despite strong growth, the company has always been financially strong and has made a profit each year.